Combining our own paint collection with our wallpapers

Are you wondering which wallpapers will match with our new paint colors? There are actually quite a few! We've already made a small start for you, by making some nice combinations with the paint colors and our wallpaper designs.

Misty Pale Green

1. Marilyn Flower Lilac 2. Bold Botanics Dark 3. Scenic Landscape Off White 4. Animal Farm 5. Jungle Jazz Dusty Mint 6. Magical Forest

Deep Royal Plunge

1. Enchanted Unicorn 2. Antarctica 3. Into The Galaxy light 4. Terrazzo 5. Scenic Landscape Tonal Blue 6. Ditsy Daisy Blue

Rosy Pale Shell

1. Underwater Wonders 2. Stardust Navy 3. Miami Beach 4. Ditsy Daisy Lilac 5. Marilyn Flower Blue 6. Stork Pink

Rich Terra Clay

1. Dreamy Jungle Dark 2. Terrazzo 3. Dreamy Jungle Green 4. Cirque Du Fantasy 5. Jungle Tonal 6. Magical Forest 

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