Terrazzo: Wallpaper and paint combinations

Inspired by terrazzo floors and countertops, this is our fun and playful Terrazzo wallpaper design. The soft almost pinkish background makes the blues and oranges pop. And how nice it is to find some great colours to go with this wallpaper. Well, we made a selection for you here. We hope you can find a colour you like!


Marsepein S 1005 Y80R

Aanbeveling S 1010 Y80R

Rogge S 3060 Y20R

Rationeel S 3010 R90B

Idylle S 2020 R90B

Groots S 7020 R90B

Little Greene

Obscura 327

Middle Buff 122

Grey Stone

Royal Navy 257

Farrow & Ball

Shaded White 201

India Yellow 66

Parma Grey 27

Lulworth Blue 89

Stiffkey Blue 281

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