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Wallpaper - Asher Shapes Beige



This wallpaper is available in 5 different sizes.
The wallpaper is divided into rolls of 53cm wide. Marked with part 1, part 2 etc. from left to right.

Need a different size?
Fill in the form and we will come back to you within 48 hours with the possibilities and a quota.

-non woven wallpaper, matte paper
-non woven wallpaper, textile look
-non woven wallpaper, leather look
-non woven wallpaper, no structure
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30x40cm. In the drop down menu for the different sizes you also find the option 'sample'.
The sample is not real size. The image is made a little smaller so we can show you as many colors and elements as possible. 

Sizes of this wallpaper:
159cm wide x 280cm tall / 62.60inch wide x 110.24inch tall
212cm wide x 280cm tall / 83.46inch wide x 110.24inch tall
318cm wide x 280cm tall / 125.20inch wide x 110.24inch tall
424cm wide x 280cm tall / 166.93inch wide x 110.24inch tall
530cm wide x 280cm tall / 208.66inch wide x 110.24inch tall

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