Choosing the Best Adhesive for Your Wallpaper


When you choose our non-woven wallpaper, the right adhesive is essential for a perfect result. We often recommend the reliable brands Perfax or Bison. These brands are known for their high-quality products specifically designed for non-woven wallpaper.

Important: Choose Adhesive for Non-Woven Wallpaper

It is crucial to ensure that the adhesive you choose is specifically intended for non-woven wallpaper and not for vinyl. Vinyl wallpaper requires a different adhesive composition, which is not suitable for non-woven wallpaper. Since all our wallpapers are non-woven, we strongly recommend always checking that the adhesive is suitable for non-woven wallpaper to guarantee the best results.

Ready-to-Use Wallpaper Adhesive

Ready-to-use wallpaper adhesive is a popular choice among both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. This adhesive is immediately usable and saves you the trouble of mixing. Moreover, ready-to-use adhesive ensures consistent application, resulting in even adhesion and a smooth finish for your non-woven wallpaper. We frequently use this option due to its convenience and reliability.

Powdered Wallpaper Adhesive

Powdered wallpaper adhesive is another excellent option. This adhesive comes in a dry powder form and needs to be mixed with water according to the instructions on the packaging. The mixing process is simple and allows you to prepare the exact amount of adhesive needed for your project. Powdered adhesive is often slightly more economical and offers flexibility in quantities, which is handy for larger jobs.

Why Perfax or Bison?

  • Perfax: Perfax wallpaper adhesive is loved for its excellent adhesive strength and ease of use. The ready-to-use versions of Perfax are ideal for quick jobs and ensure even distribution of the adhesive.

  • Bison: Bison wallpaper adhesive is known for its strong adhesion and durability. The powdered adhesive from Bison is easy to mix and provides a reliable solution for any wallpaper job.

Well-Known Brands in the US

In the US, the brand Roman is also well-known for its high-quality wallpaper adhesives. Roman offers a range of products specifically designed for different types of wallpaper, including non-woven wallpaper, ensuring a strong and durable bond.

Advantages of Ready-to-Use Wallpaper Adhesive

  1. Time-saving: No mixing time needed, usable directly from the container.
  2. Consistent quality: Always the right thickness and consistency.
  3. User-friendly: Easy to apply, even for beginners.
Advantages of Powdered Wallpaper Adhesive
  1. Cost-effective: Often cheaper than ready-to-use adhesive.
  2. Flexibility: Prepare the exact amount of adhesive needed, depending on the job.
  3. Longer shelf life: Unopened powdered adhesive has a longer shelf life.

We recommend both ready-to-use and powdered adhesive, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you seek a quick and easy solution or prefer a more cost-effective approach, with Perfax, Bison, and Roman, you are always assured of a top result.


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