Animal wallpaper by Annet Weelink Design

Animal wallpaper is always a good idea. And it's really not just for the little ones, it's fun for everyone! Our animal wallpaper is hand drawn and painted and we combine some of our own designs with the most beautiful vintage images. So they are truly unique prints. We have a suitable animal print for every room. 

Ideal for the nursery and the baby's room

An animal theme in the nursery or baby's room is fun and educational. The ocean, the jungle, the farm, a magical forest or the prehistoric era. We have an endless choice when it comes to animal wallpapers for the children's or baby's room. With our animal wallpapers, you and your child will discover the wonders of the underwater world, the lush jungle, the magical forest and much more. 

Unique animals

Are you looking for a unique animal wallpaper? All our prints are hand drawn and painted by Annet.

Wallpaper with cute monkeys

Life doesn't have to be so serious! Take a look at the wallpapers with monkeys. Our monkey designs make your room a lot more playful and cosy.

Forest animals

Discover all the animals of the forest with our fun forest animal prints. Deer, squirrels and bears live together in a cosy forest landscape. Our forest animal prints are hand drawn and therefore truly unique.

Jungle animals

Jungle animals are still a very popular theme for wallpaper and we completely understand that. We have a wide choice of jungle animal wallpaper in our collection. Monkeys, leopards, flamingos, giraffes, elephants and much more. 

Farm animals

Is your child crazy about the farm and everything that goes with it? Then our Animal Farm wallpaper is a perfect choice. Imagine yourself in the countryside and feed the sweet farm animals together. Horses, chickens, rabbits, pigs and many more cute animals live together on this farm.

Tropical wallpaper

Nothing is nicer than imagining yourself in a tropical atmosphere with beautiful flowers, lush plants and the most beautiful birds. We have a wide range of tropical wallpapers with which you can create your own wilderness.

Also available in black and white

Also with a tropical wallpaper in black and white you can make a big statement on the wall. A black and white design creates a luxurious atmosphere and is also super timeless. We have a wide range of unique black and white tropical wallpapers.

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