Enchanted Unicorns: Wallpaper and paint combinations

A statement wall with these magical and mythical creatures in a cheerful colorful landscape. How nice is that! And of course you need a matching paint color to go with this wallpaper. For an accessory, a door or just the entire wall. Are you looking for a matching paint color? We have put together a list for you below.


Flexibel S2010 R50B

Minstreel S3020 R50B

Windvlaag 0915 R64B

Zelfstandig S2010 B70G

Haag S3020 B90G

Little Greene

Gauze dark 166

Pale Wedgwood 249

Pale Lupin 278

Pink Slip 220

Far Atoll 

Aquamarine Mid 284

Farrow & Ball

Sugared Almond 9913

Calluna 270

Brassica 271

Dove tale 267

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