Ordering wallpaper samples

Did you know we also have wallpaper samples available?

If you are not yet sure which material you want to choose for your wallpaper, you can order a sample. All our wallpapers are non-woven. We have three finishes available. You can find pictures here. You will receive a piece of wallpaper of 30x40cm. The sample you will receive is not in real size. The image is made a little smaller so we can show you as many colours and figures as possible.

  • Leather look
  • Textile look
  • No structure look.

But why should you order a sample? We will explain it to you!

As mentioned, we have 3 different finishes available. By ordering a wallpaper sample you can see and feel the texture in real life and make the best decision for your space. Seeing it in real life can help a lot!

Also a nice tip, samples can be used to color match a nice paint colour. Take your sample to a paint store and put it next to some paint colour samples.

And a very important one. The way colour appears on a computer screen isn't the same as seeing it in real life. There can be a subtle difference. When you order a sample you can see how the colours look in real life, and also, how the colours look in the space where you're planning to instal the wallpaper. 

But now, how do you order one? It's super easy! 

Go to the wallpaper design you want. For example, our Wildlife's Playground design. When you go the dropdown menu on the right of the page, you can pick the sample size. Make sure you are also picking the correct material you want in the second drop down menu.

Super easy!

If you have any more questions regarding wallpaper, please feel free to contact us here. We will be happy to help you out.

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