Jungle design kids rooms

Did you know this jungle design was our very first wallpaper in the collection?

Annet made this wallpaper for her sister's kids room and received so much positive feedback from friends and family, so she decided to sell this wallpaper in the online store and make it a permanent product. Ever since then it has been one of the most populair wallpaper designs in the shop! And we still love it very much ourself too! 

Besides wallpaper, this design is also available as a wall sticker, indoor and outdoor pillows, textile wall posters and much more. We want to show you some of the results, to give you some inspiration for decorating your space if you are thinking about picking this design for your nursery, kids room of playroom for example. The possibilities are endless with this design, which makes it even more fun to start decorating!

We hope these rooms gave you some inspiration on how to decorate your own space. Good luck!

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