Our favorite results with the dreamy jungle wallpaper

We love making a good statement in our house, especially with wallpaper of course! And the Dreamy Jungle is a design that can really transform a space. We’ll show you a selection of five of our favorites in which the Dreamy Jungle design is used. These kind of pictures really make you wanna get to work! 

In this beautiful high and light stairwell the Dreamy Jungle Soft wallpaper is used. The design is completely custom made for this unique space.
The Dreamy Jungle soft wallpaper


Here the stylist chose for the Dreamy Jungle wallpaper in green in combination with a rust colored duvet cover


Here you can see a dark version of the Dreamy Jungle wallpaper in a cozy dining-room
On this picture you see the Dreamy Jungle Soft wallpaper in a beautiful dining-room, combined with a lot of black accents.

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