Scenic Landscape Tonal Blue: Wallpaper and paint combinations

Searching for the perfect paint colour can be quite hard. So are you looking for a complimentary paint colour to go with the Scenic Landscape Tonal Blue wallpaper? Then you are at the right spot! We picked a few options to narrow down your search. We hope you find something you love!

These colours are not the exact same colours that are used in the wallpaper itself, but we think they look beautiful in combination with this wallpaper. Don’t forget to always test your paint colours on the wall you want to paint, before making your final decision. 



Marsepein S 1005 Y80R

Connectie S 2010 Y90R

Compromis S 2005 Y80R 

Rationeel S 3010 R90B

Uitdrukking S 5010 R90B

Memorie S 6020 B

Kaliber S 8010 B10G

Farrow & Ball

Skimming Stone 241

Dove Tale 267 

Sulking Room Pink 295

Stiffkey Blue 281

Little Greene

Bone China Blue 107

Mid Lead Colour 114

Hellebore 275

Juniper Ash 115

Woad 251

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