Shopping tips for the Dreamy Jungle Soft duvet cover

Are you ready for some new additions to your sleeping area? We want to give you some shopping inspiration, a few bedroom decorating ideas to go with this gorgeous soft duvet cover with the soft Dreamy Jungle design. 

We chose the bedding as a starting point for the colours of the rest of the space. Because the bedding is already making quite a statement, you can keep your walls a little more neutral. We also listed 3 nice paint colours from Histor to go with this setting. With your favourite art pieces and some black and white photo's, you can make the space feel more personal but not too busy. 

Mentioned products

Histor paint colours

  • Opvallend - S3010-G30Y
  • Zandsteen - S2005-Y20R
  • Katoen - 0903-Y27R 

Please keep in mind these paint colours are not the exact colours you see in the image. We picked some colours that we think match well with the wallpaper and the decor pieces. We hope that with this blog post we gave you some nice ideas for a bedroom upgrade!

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