Shopping tips for the Tropical Wilderness wall sticker

Wall stickers are a great way to quickly transform your space, they can completely change the look and feel of the space. We have them available in 3 different sizes and multiple lovely designs. The sticker has a special adhesive layer with a dotted structure. This creates small air ducts, allowing you to apply the sticker easily and without trapping air. If any bubbles do appear, smoothing it out with your hand is enough to get rid of them! So it's super easy! Also, the stickers leaves no glue residue, so also perfect if you rent your space. 

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Histor paint colours

  • Cassave - S4010-G10Y
  • Pinch of rosemary - PPG1128-4
  • Katoen - 0903-Y27R

Please keep in mind these paint colours are not the exact colours you see in the image. We picked colours that we think match well with the wall sticker and the decor pieces. We hope that with this blog post we gave you some nice ideas on how to decorate with the Tropical Wilderness wall sticker!

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OPrint May 19, 2023

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