Wallpaper in the bathroom? YES!

Do you want to give your bathroom or toilet a make-over? Wallpaper is such a cool way to upgrade these spaces. For the bathroom you can create your own relaxing sanctuary with plants, palm tree's and beautiful landscapes. In the smallest room of the house, where you only spent a short time each day, it's so cool to make a real statement with leopards, birds or flowers for example. You can pick a single wall to create a focal point or go all out and cover all the walls! 

If your space doesn't get humid or very wet you can use our wallpapers without a coating. The wallpaper can withstand some splashes of water because of the vinyl top layer. If the space does get humid or really wet, for example because it's placed behind a bath tub or in the shower, we strongly recommend to coat the wallpaper with a transparent coating. 

We have a recommendation for a transparent coating, click here. But you can also ask your local hardware store which coating is the best for your wallpaper and your space. 

We hope we gave you some inspiration to get started in your bathroom or toilet! If you need any help picking the perfect design or correct size for your space, please fill in this form and we will give you the best advise!

Down here we have some great examples for you, showing you how to create a great space with our wallpapers! Enjoy!







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