About Annet

My name is Annet Weelink and I’m a freelance print/graphic designer based in Amsterdam. I have over 7 years of experience as a designer in the fashion industry and have my own label since 2015: Annet Weelink Design.



For years I’ve worked as a print designer at brands such as H&M and 10 FEET. In 2015 I’ve started for myself, next to working for H&M in Stockholm. I started with just one bag to see how that would go. After six months I took a leap and quit my job. Now I sell wallpaper, pillows, clothing and posters: everything on which I can put a print. Besides from that, I still work as a freelancer for multiple big brands.

Inspiration for the products often comes spontaneously. I'm not looking at one thing specifically, it's in the little things. This can be a TV series or, for example, a restaurant with a beautiful interior. Just seeing a nice color palette can make me think "I have to do something with this!”. I always keep an eye out for trends and make trips and product travels to manufacturers. And of course, Instagram and Pinterest are a source of inspiration, however I might end up looking at all those pretty pictures for a bit too long ;)



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