Childen's room wallpaper by Annet Weelink

Are you looking for a beautiful wallpaper for the children's room? All our wallpaper prints are designed with love and attention and drawn or painted by hand by founder Annet Weelink. We have something for everyone. A cheerful print with lots of colour or a sweet design with softer tones. Cosy animals, colourful plants and flowers, tropical palms or would you rather have a black and white design? We have a wide range of children's room wallpapers available.

Ideal wallpaper for the children's room

All our wallpapers are perfect for children's rooms. We print all designs on non-woven wallpaper, this material is easy to apply to the wall. You just glue the walls and you can immediately place the wallpaper against the wall. Our wallpapers have a vinyl top layer so you can wipe it down carefully with a cloth. Ideal for the children's room, with all those little grasping hands it is nice that you can easily wipe it clean. 

Unique wallpaper for your baby

We also have many nice designs available for the baby's room. Are you looking for a colourful design with animals and plants or maybe a print with a calmer colour palette, we have everything. 

Jungle print

A jungle theme in the nursery is still very popular. A print with tropical palms, flowers and leaves or one full of jungle animals, we have something for everyone!

Animal print

Animals are great for the nursery and a wallpaper with animals is also very educational. Cute forest animals, beautiful colourful birds or maybe some leopards or dinosaurs. An animal print is always good.

Circus print

Do you want to create a real circus room? Check out our beloved Cirque du Fantasy print. This print is one of our first designs, completely hand drawn and still a big favourite. With this design you can create the ultimate circus room. 

Wallpaper for toddlers

For toddlers and preschoolers we have very suitable wallpaper. Not only is it easy to clean, our wallpapers are also printed with the cutest characters. Wallpaper by Annet Weelink is of the highest quality and easy to apply with the right material.


Imagine yourself in prehistory with the super cool dinosaur wallpaper. Discover all the animals on this wallpaper and learn all about this special era with your child.


Is your daughter or son crazy about everything to do with space? Then check out our Into The Galaxy wallpaper! This design is full of planets, shooting stars, rockets and floating astronauts. With this wallpaper, bedtime stories are no problem at all.


Our Stardust wallpaper creates a subtle and calm base for your child's room. Available in three beautiful colour combinations. With this design you can dream away watching the twinkling stars.

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