Shopping tips for Magical Forest wallpaper

A little baby on the way? Or is it just time again to change up the kids bedroom? We want to give you some inspiration for a fun colour scheme and some nice decor pieces that will look good with the Magical Forest wallpaper in the colour soft teal!

Mentioned products

Histor paint colours

  • Sprankelend - S2010 B10G
  • Middelpunt - S2010 G30Y
  • Prairie - S3040 Y40R
  • Tarwe - S1040Y
  • Apart - S1005Y

Please keep in mind these paint colours are not the exact colours you see in the image. We picked some colours that we think match well with the wallpaper and the decor pieces. We hope that with this blog post we gave you some nice ideas for a fun kids bedroom.

Have a great day!

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