Do you need some wall sticker inspiration? Look no further!

Wall stickers are a great way to change up a space. Give the walls a unique paint color, get some matching accessories or combine it with some diy wall panelling and it can totally transform the room! We want to show you some of our favourite results with our wall stickers.

We love the combination with this warm rusty paint color. This color is from Histor and is called Bekentenis. The color code is 2367-Y61R


This is the Miami beach wall sticker with 150cm Ø diameter. The soft peach coloured details create a calm and peaceful space.



This is the 120cm Ø diameter wall sticker with the Circus design. This print is also great to pair with more neutral colors and warm wood tones. 


This black and white Underwater Wonders sticker looks lovely with this warm paint color. This color is called Herfstachtig - GN 091-05 and is from the brand Gamma.

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