Jungle wallpaper by Annet Weelink

All jungle wallpaper prints are designed with love and attention and drawn or painted by hand by founder Annet Weelink. We also like to work with vintage prints and give them a new look or combine them with our own illustrations. These are truly unique designs.

Jungle wallpaper for the children's room and the baby's room

Do you want to refresh the space of your child? Our wallpapers are a perfect addition for the nursery or baby room. We have a wide range of fun jungle prints that you can use in any way you want. Discover the entire jungle together with your little one.

Unique black and white jungle wallpaper

Also with a black and white wallpaper you can make a big statement on your wall. A black and white design creates a luxurious atmosphere and it is also super timeless. We have a wide range of unique black and white jungle wallpapers.

Have you already thought about these extras?

Besides our wallpapers, our jungle designs are also available on many other products. For example, finish off the room with a matching cushion or beanbag! Or are you perhaps unable to you put up wallpaper because you are renting, but would still like to have a print on the wall? Take a look at the wall stickers or textile posters.

Round wall stickers

Our round wall stickers give your room a super-quick makeover! Available in three different sizes and in all our designs. The special adhesive layer creates small air ducts so you can easily apply the sticker. Applying by hand is sufficient, you push any bubbles easily to the side. 

Growth stickers

Our jungle prints are also available as fun growth stickers. Choose your favourite print, simply attach the sticker to your wall and look together with your child every week how big they have become. Fun and educational!

Textile posters

You can also create a real jungle feeling with our textile posters. The material of the posters is made of a wrinkle-free cotton and because of the high printing quality the colours come out beautifully on this supple material. The textile posters come with beechwood poles which emphasizes the jungle atmosphere even more.


Nothing more comfortable than a beanbag where you can plop down after a long day at work! And how nice is it when there is also a beautiful print on it. Use it as extra seating or just for decoration to brighten up the room.

Garden posters

Want your dull fence or garden canopy to look more fun? Check out our garden posters. These lightweight polyester textile canvases have a water-repellent coating and are therefore ideal for outdoor use.

Jungle wallpaper order online

You can easily order our jungle wallpapers through the webshop. You can choose from a standard size or a custom-made design. We can take windows and doors into account, for example, so that you don't have to miss a thing. Fill in this form and we will give you advice and a price as soon as possible.



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