All our wallpaper is non – woven wallpaper. You apply the glue on the wall which makes it easy to adjust. Some splashes of water on the wallpaper are okay, but if you use our wallpaper in a damp place or in a bathroom where it gets wet, it is recommended to use a transparent coating.
The wallpaper is fire retardant ( more info at bottom of this page ) and PVC free. The wallpaper backing is made of an FSC Mix. Which means that at least 70 percent of the fibers come from sustainably managed forests and/or recycled fibres. 

Wallpaper ON ROLL
This non-woven wallpaper material has a matte finish without visible structure. It is not recommended to wipe this wallpaper because you can damage the print.


The fire class of a product says something about the extent to which a product contributes to the development of a fire and/or the formation of smoke.

Wallpaper on roll
Fire certificate: B-s2, d0
B: The first letter in the fire class classification indicates how flammable a product is and ranges from A to F. A is non-combustible and F is extremely flammable. B therefore means that the wallpaper is very difficult to combust, because it falls into fire class B.
S2: The letter S stands for 'smoke'. This concerns the smoke development during the fire. A distinction is made in three classes: S1: Low smoke production; S2: Average smoke production; S3: Large smoke production. The wallpaper falls into class S2 and therefore has an average smoke production.
D0: The letter D stands for 'dripping'. This concerns droplets and parts that come down, so that new fires can quickly arise. A distinction is made in three classes: D0: No production of burning parts; D1: Parts burn less than 10 seconds; D2: Parts burn longer than 10 seconds. The wallpaper falls into class D0 and therefore has no production of burning parts.