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Peel and stick Arch Wallpaper Decal - Asher Shapes Terra


Beautiful Arch Wallpaper Decal with hand made print.

Peel and Stick, self-adhesive wallpaper arch with matte finish. The material is easy to remove, wrinkle-resistant and reposition-able.
You can easily stick this beautiful wallpaper arch bubble-free on any smooth surface. The wallpaper decal is water resistant. The adhesive layer does not affect the underlying paint layers or wallpaper.

Please note!
The sticker can only be applied to flat surfaces. There is glue on the back of the stickers. Textured walls are not suitable surfaces, as its texture will be visible through the sticker.

If you recently painted or plastered your walls, wait at least 10 days for them to dry before applying the sticker.

Available sizes:
- 90 cm width x 90 cm height / 35.4 inch x 35.4inch
- 90 cm width x 175 cm height / 35.4 inch x 68.9 inch
- 110 cm width x 215 cm height / 43.3 inch x 84.6 inch

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